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Using equipment noise attenuation of noise barriers sound barriers, the top of the absorption unit, the following part of the sound insulation unit. After reasonable length and height of the noise barrier, can get 10 to 25 db (A) noise reduction. Equipment noise attenuation of noise barriers technical features: waterproof, moistureproof, sunscreen, antifreeze, dustproof, anti-corrosion, typhoon, etc. The noise reduction effect is good, sound insulation quantity 10 to 25 db (A). Structure of high safety, strong resistance to the forces of nature and human destructive. Has the investment province, construction speed is quick, landscape effect obvious advantages. Equipment noise attenuation of noise barriers truss composite, between modules and modules can be arbitrary assembly, durable, easy installation and maintenance. Mainly used in machinery and equipment noise attenuation.

Galvanized sheet: noise barrier substrate is 0.5-1.2 of galvanized sheet, the punching, assembly, spraying. Aluminum noise barrier: the base board of 0.6-1.2, assembling, spraying aluminum plate by punching.

H-beam is commonly models: 100 x100x6x8. 125 x125x6. 5 x9. 150 x150x7x10 through processing galvanized processing become pillar sound insulation board


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